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Everyone at the ‌box office had a Smile. Well, everyone except for the Bros

Tired of Bros asking them to Smile, moviegoers opted to skip Billy Eichner’s groundbreaking comedy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Screenshot: Paramount Pictures

What’s better than a good, old-fashioned smile? Whether it’s a grin, a smirk, from ear to ear, or through the teeth, there are few things more rewarding than elongating the mouth horizontally, curving the edges of the lips upward, and showing off those pearly whites. And, finally, a movie based on one of the most beloved and influential facial contortions is at the top of the box office. Face fans everywhere, rejoice.

Smile was top of the box office this week with $22 million. Paramount’s latest horror movie about a grin that makes you dead left critics happy and audiences clamoring to find out why everyone had that dumb look on their face. Paramount sticking that trailer before every theatrically released movie for the last six months paid off. But that’s not a foolproof plan as the rest of the box office proves.

Not everyone was smiling this weekend, especially the bros of Bros. Billy Eichner’s well-reviewed, historically significant rom-com pulled in an underwhelming $4.8 million, landing with a thud at No. 4. It’s another grim reminder that despite America’s enthusiasm for smiling, they still aren’t interested in seeing theatrically released comedies. After all, it is easier to stare blankly at TikTok while playing Office reruns in the background than to share a laugh with strangers. Maybe reminding audiences that this movie is funny in addition to historic would’ve been a worthwhile marketing exercise.

Bros | Official Trailer [HD]

People were much more willing to see a movie with much worse word-of-mouth—although word-of-mouth was in much greater abundance. Don’t Worry, Darling brought in another $7.3 million this weekend, with audiences hungry for the season finale of whatever the hell happened on that press tour. Still, with reviews ranging from “it’s terrible” to “it’s fine,” one has to see what all the fuss is about. Meanwhile, The Woman King continues to chop its way to a healthy box office return. The Viola Davis action epic earned an additional $7 million, bringing its worldwide box office to $50 million.


Rounding out the top five is a little movie about blue cat people from 2009 that had absolutely no cultural impact. Sorry, haters, Avatar brought in another $4.6 million this weekend, making it, once again, the highest-grossing film ever at the worldwide box office. That should give James Cameron another reason to smile.

Elsewhere in the top 10: the Indian epic ‌Ponniyin Selvan: I grossed $4.1 million, and Barbarian continued to lure people into the basement to the tune of $2.8 million. Brad Pitt’s elaborate plan to distract people from those abuse allegations and that lawsuit over the shoddy homes his company built after Katrina, Bullet Train, saw audiences shrugging their way into theaters. DC League Of Super Pets enticed more families without air conditioning for another round of Kevin Hart yelling at The Rock. Finally, the box office story of the year, Top Gun: Maverick—and its beautiful Lockheed-Martin killing machines—carpet bombed its way to another cool $1.2 million. Top Gun’s domestic total now sits at $713 million, which would be a staggering figure in this list, had James Cameron not decided to re-release Avatar. Sorry, Tom. It’s still very impressive.


Here’s the top 10 in list form:

1) Smile

2) Don’t Worry, Darling

3) The Woman King

4) Bros

5) Avatar

6) ‌Ponniyin Selvan: I

7) Barbarian

8) Bullet Train

9) DC League Of Super Pets

10) Top Gun: Maverick

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