Aiming for the sort of raunchy, R-rated, child endangerment hijinks of films like Meatballs and The Bad News Bears—or at least, that's what the press release says—Todd Rohal's Nature Calls takes as its comedic premise the idea that Patton Oswalt and Johnny Knoxville are brothers, then adds in some stuff about Boy Scouts. Easily drowning out Gambit's preview from this morning, some very loud stuff about Boy Scouts, as Oswalt's determined yet constantly undermined troop leader attempts to give his very loud scouts their ideal, incredibly loud camping trip, only to have his even louder douche-bro steal their attention with his loud TVs and somehow even louder ice cream.

So, Oswalt kidnaps them and takes them on an unauthorized trip into the woods, and then everyone screams and pees and looks at a naked lady's boobs on a motorcycle, and everything is constantly ratcheted up on a similar logical progression as Knoxville's rounding up a posse to reclaim the kids, a posse composed of Rob Riggle and the late Patrice O'Neal, then encouraging them to bring along guns. Of course, when Rob Riggle is playing just one of many crazy yelling people, your movie obviously isn't going for nuance.