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Net Neutrality's time runs out on April 23

(Photo: Getty Images, Alex Wong)

To the surprise of probably no one, the last-minute Hail Mary play to try and save Net Neutrality—which would require the infinitely unlikely support of President Shithole—still hasn’t been successful. Now, after voting to overturn the law that prevented internet service providers from destroying the free and open internet back in December, the FCC has officially declared that Net Neutrality will come to an end on April 23. This comes from The Huffington Post, which says the FCC’s announcement came with an explanation that repealing Net Neutrality is meant to take us back to “the light-touch regulatory scheme that enabled the internet to develop and thrive for nearly two decades” (a line that is obviously some straight-up Republican bullshit).

Net Neutrality isn’t completely and permanently dead yet, thankfully, as supporters in the state and federal government have expressed plans to continue fighting for it, but the internet as we know it could change on April 23. At that point, ISPs would be able to sell the internet in chopped-up bundles like cable television, forcing you to pay extra for individual sites and potentially censoring information they don’t want you to see. This is all stuff that Ajit Pai’s possibly corrupt FCC claims is “good” for the American public, even though it’s almost certainly not.


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