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Netflix is already auditioning orcs for the Bright sequel it just green-lit

Bright (Photo: Netflix)

The future’s looking Bright for Will Smith, as Netflix has just officially announced a sequel to David Ayer and Max Landis’ fantasy hodgepodge. According to this video from the streaming giant, fans of the uninspired quips and underdeveloped racial parable are apparently already lining up to don prosthetics to join Joel Edgerton as orcs in the upcoming film, which is being written and directed by Ayer.

Sure, that guy can kick, but can he write a great orc love song?

Smith has been attached to the sequel since before the first film, which stars the resurgent action hero and Edgerton as mismatched cops trying to keep a wand out of an elf’s hands, debuted December 22 on Netflix. The A.V. Club’s Katie Rife found the film full of “locker-room comebacks” as it “gestures vaguely at an allegory about police brutality and race, which may have been more impactful in the original script.”


Edgerton will join Smith for the sequel, which doesn’t have a release date. There’s also no subtitle or tagline for Bright 2 yet, though we imagine “Bad Boys in Mordor” will be tough to beat.

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