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Netflix tosses a con to its Witcher

Netflix and CD Projekt RED are teaming up for a virtual WitcherCon on July 9

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The definition of “convention” has gotten a little strange over the last few years; even before COVID-19 functionally destroyed the “cram a million overheated nerds in a room together” industry for the better part of a year, companies like DC Comics were already pushing their big events out into online spaces, replacing crowded convention halls with virtual press conferences. On the one hand, this sort of thing does kind of erase the whole “human” element of the fan convention, a coming together of like minds and spirits in a sense of shared community. On the other hand, we usually get a few neat trailers out of it.


All of which is to note that Netflix and CD Projekt RED have announced today that they’re teaming up for WitcherCon, the two company’s new big collaboration in support of their shared property The Witcher. Streaming virtually (twice) on July 9, the event will highlight developments in both Netflix’s Witcher TV series (with its Henry Cavill-starring second season having wrapped filming back in April, and a new teaser trailer out today) and CD Projekt RED’s best-selling games. (Specifically, from what we can tell from the press releases, the upcoming mobile game Witcher: Monster Slayer.)

For what it’s worth, the web page for the con does note that at least some of the panels on display will be “interactive,” whatever that might mean in this context. And for fans of the show, this is likely to be their best shot at getting an actual release date and trailer for the second season, dipping back into the story of Geralt Of Rivia, Ciri, and Yennefer as they wonder the muddy, monster-and-asshole-filled world of The Continent. The convention/panels will kick off at noon, Central time on July 9, and then run for a second time later that day, at 8 p.m. Central.