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Netflix will take us through the warped looking-glass again with a 5th season of Black Mirror

Photo: Jonathan Prime/Netflix

The fourth season of Black Mirror encouraged many lovelorn souls to entrust their romantic lives to an app, so there’s no telling what aspect of daily living will be taken over by the new season Netflix has just ordered. Maybe a playlist will decide which job is right for you based on which songs you choose to repeat?

Anyway, the streaming company announced the fifth season renewal via a succinct press release that promised “more Black Mirror on the way,” and linked to this announcement video posted on Twitter.


“The future will be brighter than ever,” the clip predicts/warns. It’s difficult to agree with that, given that certain government officials are dining on $30,000 tables while the administration is attempting to police what food low-income people put in their bodies. But hey, at least Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones are giving our dystopia a run for its money.

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