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Remember when new takes on Frankenstein were the hottest thing in the entertainment industry? It was after everybody was making Wizard Of Oz stuff, but it ended a few years ago when Fox decided to change the name of a show about a dead cop coming back to life from Frankenstein to The Frankenstein Code and then Second Chance—none of which were very good names. Unfazed by the public’s disinterest in Frankenstein stuff, ITV’s Encore network in the U.K. produced The Frankenstein Chronicles, a loosely Frankenstein-related show starring Sean Bean as a cop in 1830s London.

Now, Netflix has picked up the international distribution rights to The Frankenstein Chronicles, and it will be bringing the show’s two, six-episode seasons to the U.S. as a Netflix Original. That comes from Variety, which adds that the show’s first season involves Bean’s character investigating a mysterious “corpse made up of body parts from different children.”


Variety doesn’t say when The Frankenstein Chronicles will appear on American Netflix.

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