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Netflix's A Series Of Unfortunate Events has set the date for its Eventual End

(Photo: Eike Schroter / Netflix)

Star Neil Patrick Harris has confirmed that his Netflix series, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, has set the date for its inevitable terminus, a word which here means, “No more episodes of the TV show, we guess.” Harris confirmed that the series—based on Daniel Handler’s series of Lemony Snicket novels, about a bunch of thoughtful orphans constantly menaced by a renegade community theater actor—will end after its third season, which will presumably arrive some time in 2019.

As ever with this show—which picked up said third season order before its second had ever aired—Netflix seems in a constant hurry to get its plans for the Baudelaire orphans in order. (Although there have been rumors for a while that three seasons was always the plan for the Barry Sonnenfeld-produced show.) Meanwhile, the show’s second season is set to drop on the streaming service in roughly two months, on March 30, 2018.


[via Deadline]

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