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New Game Of Thrones fan theory adds an “M” to “R+L=J”

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It will likely be at least nine months until Game Of Thrones returns for its sixth season, but fans have already taken a deep dive into crazy speculation. Ignoring the pleas of book readers who long ago learned to pace themselves, TV fans are combining fan theories willy-nilly to produce a new “super” theory as summarized by Mashable.

This new theory is trying to rectify the fact that Jon Snow was (allegedly) stabbed to death in the fifth season finale, despite the show’s hints that his lineage will come into play in the series’ climax. The simplest solution is that Jon isn’t actually dead or that he will return in another form—something the creative team has adamantly denied. If we take them at their word, why would the show go to so much trouble to set up the infamous R+L=J theory, which speculates Jon isn’t the bastard son of Ned Stark but actually the child of Ned’s sister Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen, which would make him a child of both ice and fire and presumably set him up for uniting Westeros or something?

The new theory posits that, much like a soap opera character, Jon secretly has… a twin sister! And since she’s also the child of ice and fire, she can step in and do all that cool stuff he can’t do if he’s actually dead. And the prevailing idea is that said sister is Meera Reed, the chick who was last seen traveling with Bran in season four.

Although they look to be different ages on the show, in the books Jon and Meera are born in the same year. Plus her father Howland Reed was with Ned at the Tower Of Joy the day he rescued a dying Lyanna, which fans speculate is the time he also picked up the baby (or babies) his sister had just delivered. The idea is that Ned and Howland divided the twins Star Wars-style, with Meera raised as a proper Reed alongside a sibling she assumed was biological and Jon raised as an outsider in the Stark family.

The theory that Jon has a twin sister has been around for a while, but the idea of combining that with the R+L=J one to produce R+L=J+M is new. But why stop there? Since there’s already been speculation that Daenerys is actually Jon’s twin and not his aunt, why not throw her into the mix too? And hey, Samwell Tarly already considers Jon a brother, so let’s literalize that. And if Lyanna had one of those rare Medieval sextuplet pregnancies she could also have given birth to Ramsay Bolton (he’s a bastard!) and Podrick too. After all, the R+L=J+M+D+S+R+P theory sounds much cooler than R+L=J.