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New teaser for Fear The Walking Dead has actual dialogue, still no walkers

Fear The Walking Dead, AMC’s The Walking Dead spin-off, premieres in August, and we’re slowly getting a better picture of what the show will be about. The first trailer revealed the series will be set in Los Angeles, the second indicated there will be a lot of running, and this latest confirms people will sometimes talk too.


The spin-off centers on the early days of the zombie apocalypse, the ones Rick Grimes conveniently spent in a coma in the original series. And while we’ve yet to see any zombies, a.k.a. walkers, in the promos, they’ve been an implied threat in all three. For instance, in this new trailer single mom/guidance counselor Madison (Kim Dickens) gives advice to a young student freaked out about reports of a weird disease in five states. And since she’s a female character on an early season of a Walking Dead series, that advice is totally wrong: Ignore the reports, spend less time online, and trust in the government, she states. Madison will likely learn the error of her optimistic ways soon enough—probably when this kid gets eaten by a walker—but the trailer does confirm the show is at least temporarily set in a time before the zombie apocalypse was newsworthy.

It’s unclear what the timeline of the show will be and how quickly we’ll get to a mass walker outbreak in L.A. We do know, however, that Madison will team up with a divorced male teacher played by Cliff Curtis to protect her drug-addict son (Frank Dillane, a.k.a. the guy running in that earlier trailer) and her ambitious daughter (Alycia Debnam).

Early reports also hinted that Madison has a “darkness to her” and a “troubled past,” although none of that is apparent from this trailer. Unless she warns the kid to “spend less time on the internet” because she doesn’t want him to discover her secret double life as a black market organ dealer or something.