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New trailer for Syfy's Superman prequel Krypton gives the show a better hook

The last few trailers for Syfy’s Superman prequel show Krypton haven’t done a very good job explaining what the point of the series is supposed to be. Gotham is ostensibly about the kid who will eventually grow up to be Batman, but Krypton takes place decades before Kal-El is ever born, focusing instead on his grandfather Seg-El as he struggles though the Game Of Thrones-esque political intrigue of a planet that will eventually explode. This new trailer adds a huge wrinkle to that premise, though, in the form of a time-traveling Earth man named Adam Strange—best known to DC Comics fans as a jetpack-wearing space adventurer who is unrelated to DC’s own Hugo Strange and Marvel’s Dr. Stephen Strange.


Strange doesn’t have his jetpack here, but he does have a crucial message: Seg-El has to get his shit together, because Superman will never exist if he doesn’t. It’s a good hook, and it gives the show some stakes that the previous trailers didn’t.

We’ll see if that translates to a more logically consistent show than Gotham at least when Krypton premieres on March 21.

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