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One of the main messages that prominent Republicans are required to try and push on the American people is that Donald Trump is a smart person who fully understands every single thing going on in the world today, despite the fact that he is clearly a major dummy who couldn’t understand his way out of a paper bag. People like Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Huckabee Sanders almost deserve credit for the ability to constantly adhere to such an obviously absurd concept, but the stress of such an undertaking can definitely take its toll on some of the GOP’s grander and older members.

Case in point, Newt Gingrich posted this garbled mess of letters on Twitter today:


Were his fingers trying to rebel? Was his brain finally shutting down at the idea of Trump having a “deep and growing” grasp of the issues? Or, as Twitter suggested, maybe it was something else:


Those all seem like fairly fun possibilities, but they neglect to take into account the forward-thinking visionary that is Newt Gingrich. After all, he began advocating for the creation of an American moon colony a few years ago, so perhaps he accidentally slipped into a futuristic moon accent before catching his mistake and reverting to plain English. The seemingly random dispersement of letters seems difficult for our Terran brains to comprehend, but everybody on Grngrinch’s moon conoly is porbably giong to speeak like this.

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