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Don't worry, Todd Phillips: Nick Lutsko already wrote your Joker 2 musical opener

Lady Gaga has got some big clown shoes to fill over here

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Just let him score the entire damn movie.
Just let him score the entire damn movie.
Screenshot: YouTube (Fair Use)

Many of us are still processing the news that Todd Phillips not only already penned his Joker sequel, but that it’s a... um... musical entitled, Joker: Folie Á Deux probably costarring Lady Gaga alongside Joaquin Phoenix, presumably as an operatically sad version of Harley Quinn. We say “many of us,” because at least one person has clearly processed said news, and already he has some ideas. That person, of course, is longtime Gremlins advocate and deposed King of Halloween, Nick Lutsko.

Somehow, someway, Lutsko not only penned the “First song from the new Joker musical” within 36 hours of everyone learning about the project’s existence, but he enlisted frequent video collaborator, Brielle Garcia, to provide us with all the nightmarish CGI dancing Gremlin-human-Joker hybrids one could want.


As has come to be expected, Lutsko’s latest tune is catchier than it has any right to be, and we admire his ability to cobble together pretty accurate Joker attire and makeup at a moment’s notice:


Naturally, Nick Lutsko—that is, Lutsko the delusional, narcissistic, Dan Bongino-obsessed character—has some script punch-up ideas he’d like to float Todd Phillips’ way: “In the opening scene, Joker dies,” he croons, “Luckily, a rising star from the Gremlins franchise / steps in to save the day / He’s gonna be the Number One Joker in the U.S.A.”

That rising star, as Lutkso lore enthusiasts already can guess, is Desmond—y’know, Lutsko’s other alter-ego... the human-Gremlin hybrid birthed by Jennifer Aniston and Gizmo. Also, Gizmo’s dead now. Keep up.

Thankfully, those who have no idea what to make of the above word salad still have time to brush up on all of the recent Webby Award winner’s oeuvre ahead of his upcoming “Webby World Tour” that will take him to Nashville, NYC, and Washington D.C. in the weeks ahead. Tickets for all three shows are still available over on Lutkso’s official website.

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