(Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Good news for anybody excited for the new Taylor Swift album, Reputation (or just excited for the media blitz preceding the album to subside): It’s finally arrived tonight, after numerous music videos, leaks, robot horses, zombie costumes, and just, so, so many snakes.

In accordance with the rumors surrounding the album, it’s currently available on digital markets like iTunes, but hasn’t made its way to streaming yet. (Said rumors suggest it might be a week or longer before it makes its way over to them.) Not that Swift-loving cheapskates can’t already get a hefty number of the album’s songs for free; Swift has already released four of the album’s 15 tracks in the form of some video or another, with another one, “New Year’s Day,” airing live tonight on ABC, as Swift played it for a small cult’s worth of swaying acolytes assembled in a seaside mansion.


Meanwhile, the old Taylor couldn’t be reached for comment about Reputation’s arrival. Why not? Oh, because she’s a marketing construct, designed to make another album full of undeniably well-crafted and catchy pop hits and lyrical subtweets feel edgy and distinct!

[via Pitchfork]