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(Screenshot: Taylor SwiftVEVO/YouTube)

The fan-fictioning of Taylor Swift continued tonight, when the pop singer/amateur snake master debuted a new video for a previously released single off her upcoming album Reputation. Like the video for the earlier “Look What You Made Me Do”—which saw a parade of Swift personas argue it out over which one was the “real” Taylor—the video for “…Ready For It?” also pits multiple Tay-Tays against each other. But the results this time are a little more dramatic, as Swift and director Joseph Kahn frantically throw a bunch of anime and sci-fi tropes at the revenge-pop wall in the hopes that something interesting will stick.

The end result is eye-catching, if nothing else, as an evil, Sith-y Taylor confronts another version of herself who’s been trapped in some kind of cage. Cage-Taylor is pretty clearly modeled off the Major from Ghost In The Shell—although there’s also some Storm from X-Men in there, too—and she seems kind of miffed about her cybernetic imprisonment. There’s lots of lightning. There might be some Blade Runner in there? At one point, a horse in involved. The song is fine, we guess, although the lyrics could probably use more anime horses.


Anyway, stay tuned for Swift’s next music video, where she’ll transform herself into a Gundam and then attacks the space station from Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris, all as part of yet another veiled lyrical attack on Kanye West.

[via Consequence Of Sound]

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