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Not everything is bad: Here’s Laura Dern talking to BB-8

Actor and national treasure Laura Dern has said her role as purple-haired Amilyn Holdo in Star Wars: The Last Jedi is meant to be divisive, though we’re not sure whether that’s because she might be replacing Carrie Fisher’s Leia or because she got it confused with the Twin Peaks finale. Regardless, a video posted to her Twitter account on Sunday seems designed to soften us critics up as we prepare for the film.

In it, Dern shares a tender moment with BB-8, the toylike beep-boop thing introduced in The Force Awakens. She tickles its belly a bit, those skittering bloops bleeping away, before whispering to it in that nurturing, porcelain croon, Are you upset by all this Porg focus? They’re adorable but you’re my guy, BB-8.”


Of course BB-8 is upset by the Porg focus, Laura Dern, and you should be, too. The film’s not even out yet and The Last Jedi is already to Porgs what Return Of The Jedi was to Ewoks. And at least Ewoks had Wilford Brimley.

But at least that video is adorable.

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