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Nothing to see here, just a secret rave being held inside a Porta Potty

Music festival Porta Potties are putrid cesspools, vessels you enter with eyes slit and nostrils twitching. Should you be so unfortunate to gaze into the yawning abyss of that black hole, you’ll be met with a vision of weeping viscousness that Lovecraft himself couldn’t have conjured. Until now, the only surprise one could hope for upon entering is an unstained seat.

That all changed at Budapest’s Sziget Festival this year. While the toilet clusters peppered throughout any festival’s grounds are usually a source of woe, this one contained a special surprise. As the above video shows, one particular toilet led not to tragedy, but to a surprise rave. There, inside the Porta Potty, thrumming beats and flashing, kaleidoscopic lights give way to an undulating mass of scantily clad bodies, an oasis in a swamp.


Still probably stank like shit, though.

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