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Fans of the irrepressible Pop TV sitcom Schitt’s Creek would probably love to waltz into Rose Apothecary, David and Patrick’s cunning little boutique filled with overpriced lotions, intriguing wines, and vaguely nautical bric-a-brac. Sadly we cannot, for it is fictional. But now the series has joined forces with the similarly minded outfit Beekman 1802 to push Rose Apothecary soap, tinted lip balm, whipped body cream, parfum, candle, even granola. Or you can buy a tote that says “Simply The Best” on it (in honor of Patrick’s love song to David) with a variety of products for $50. While some may want to buy it all (with their clearly unlimited funds), it looks like the tote and the candle, unsurprisingly, are already sold out.


This so-far successful marketing effort is part of a current trend attempting to translate the popular of some TV titles into real-life product sales. For example, The Hollywood Reporter notes that GLOWs costume designer Beth Morgan is releasing Panic Attack, a line of belts based on the bold fashions of those fabulous 1980s lady wrestlers. Netflix’s Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina has teamed with NYX Professional Makeup for a line that includes a Spellbook eyeshadow and face palette, while diehard Star Trek fans can purchase Star Trek x RockLove jewelry like a Vulcan Mind Meld necklace set ($150) or a Klingon Qapla’ signet ring with red nano crystal cabochon. This trend seems likely to continue, so just let us know when there’s a Good Place line of shrimp condiments, a Nailed It! fondant cake decorating set, or Navarro warmups in honor of the cheerleading heroes of Cheer.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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