(Photo: Getty Images, Tristan Fewings)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, AMC has lined up another John Le Carré novel to adapt into a miniseries as a follow-up to last year’s adaptation of The Night Manager with Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie. The new miniseries will be based on The Little Drummer Girl, and it will be the TV directorial debut of Old Boy and The Handmaiden director Park Chan-wook. The six-part series will star Florence Pugh as an actress who is preparing for “her ultimate role in the ‘theater of the real’,” and THR describes it as “an espionage and international intrigue drama of love and betrayal” that’s set in the ‘70s. The book was previously adapted into a movie in 1984 with Diane Keaton.

This miniseries will be a joint production between AMC and the BBC, with the two of them also developing an adaptation of Le Carré’s The Spy Who Came In From The Cold. It doesn’t sound like The Little Drummer Girl has a premiere window yet.