Boldly gambling on the idea that the risk of having its big twist ruined by years of discussion is less important than getting some damn English in there, Spike Lee has remade Chan-wook Park’s Oldboy, and the NSFW trailer is here for your sure to be non-spoiler-filled discussion. Josh Brolin takes the lead as a man (an AMERICAN man, for Americans) who’s imprisoned without explanation for 15 years, uses that time to go from “really buff” to “incrementally more buff,” then finds himself set free to investigate the mystery of his abduction and what happened to the daughter he left behind. Aiding him in this quest is Elizabeth Olsen, a nice, pretty girl he seems to have feelings for—feelings that develop into a relationship, and then that’s nice. Relationships are nice. Anyway, this preview will likely do little to quiet the debate over whether this remake is even necessary, though it may be temporarily drowned out by the debate over whether Samuel L. Jackson is supposed to be Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man.