Kirkland Light Beer doesn’t give a shit whether or not you drink it. You can only buy it in 48-packs at Costco, it has no motto, and it makes absolutely no effort to market itself. You’d think they’d appreciate loyal drinker Randy Colpek, then, who took it upon himself to conjure up a slew of mottos in his attempt to create a some commercials for the decidedly advertising-averse company. Watch his efforts above, which were aided by a motley crew that includes guys named Dato Dave, Yogi, and Mr. G, all of whom you can see slugging cans in the background at various points.

“Don’t fuck it up, Randy!” yells a collaborator at one point, setting the tone for this profane display of fandom for a beer that someone on BeerAdvocate calls “an alright college beer that I wouldn’t recommend you buy.” In each take, Colpek barrels through a tower of Kirkland Light cases before shouting a potential motto. “Kirkland Light! It’s 11 a.m. somewhere!” goes one. Our favorite, however, nods to the beer’s Costco affiliation: “Kirkland Light! Available in 48-packs where you buy your pants!”


Colpak’s no fairweather fan, either. On Reddit, he says he drinks 18 on average a day, five days a week. By our estimation, the fact that he’s neither dead or morbidly obese might be the best commercial of all.