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Preacher’s Comic-Con trailer teases the big, shooty showdown to come

[Note: This article contains at least one biggish plot detail from the last two episodes of this season of Preacher]


AMC’s Preacher is barreling toward its first-season finale right now, with just two episodes standing between fans and the season’s surely violent climax. Those in attendance at tonight’s panel for the show at Comic-Con received a special treat, though, with executive producer Seth Rogen introducing a live read of this Sunday’s episode, starring most of the show’s cast. (We say most, because some of the roles were filled in by panel moderator Kevin Smith, The Flash’s Danielle Panabaker, and Rogen’s old The League buddy Jason Mantzoukas, raising the question: Can you say Hey Nong Man to the wrath of God?)

Good news for the spoiler-averse: Twitter’s being remarkably chill about not spilling the beans on the episode, although, given Smith’s description of some of its events as “so fucking metal,” and the contents of a trailer shown at the panel, it seems likely that the notorious Saint Of Killers (Graham McTavish, in attendance at the panel) may finally be crossing Jesse Custer’s path in the modern world. (Also, Joe Gilgun apparently lost his script pages at one point, and resorted to having his vampiric charmer Cassidy offer Dominic Cooper’s Jesse some love, to the lasting delight of that particular brand of normally sub-textual shipping.)

After the read, the panel did the usual Comic-Con Q&A, discussing the difficulties of adaptation—comic author Garth Ennis told Rogen and his partner, Evan Goldberg, to slow the book’s pace way down (which they’ve clearly done, given that Preacher the comic spends less than an issue with Jesse Custer still as a man of the cloth)—and their relative medicated states. (In response to someone saying it’s a good thing no one on the panel was being drug-tested, Gilgun cheerfully remarked, “Oh, I’d be fucked.”)