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Pretend you saw every movie in 2017 with this 6-minute trailer mashup

It can be hard to keep up with every notable movie that hits theaters in a given year, especially with the rising cost of Buncha Crunch and how exhausted the average person is after browsing Twitter for a few moments. Thankfully, YouTube page Sleepy Skunk has introduced a fun solution to this problem with a mashup of trailers and supercuts that gives you the feeling of watching every big movie in a year without having to actually go anywhere or do anything. Now, when somebody asks if you’ve seen one of the huge movies from this past year, you can say “yes, and I loved the part where Ryan Reynolds flew out the window in The Hitman’s Bodyguard” or “the part where Monster Truck did a flip over the road was great.”

People might question your taste more than your ability to see movies if those are the examples you pick, though, so maybe choose something from Get Out or Baby Driver instead.


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