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Read This: Here’s the story behind The Grand Budapest Hotel's "Boy With Apple"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Grand Budapest Hotel hasn’t been in theaters all that long (and it might not be at all in some areas of the country), but any savvy Wes Anderson fan has likely already read countless articles about the movie’s sets, soundtrack, and use of Bill Murray. What viewers and fans might not have read, however, is the story behind the movie’s prized painting, “Boy With Apple.” Though painted by “Johannes Van Hoytl The Younger” in the movie, the “Renaissance” masterpiece was actually put together just a couple of years ago by English painter Michael Taylor. Taylor was commissioned by Anderson to make the odd portrait, and he recently teamed up with the actual boy with apple, Ed Munro, to talk to The Week about the whole process. It’s an interesting look at the creation of a “hero prop,” and one that’s  fairly illustrative and informative for Anderson and fine art nerds alike.