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Relax, the Duffer brothers aren’t leaving Stranger Things

Damn it, we had just gotten over Bob (Photo: Netflix)

The Duffer brothers may need to venture outside of Hawkins, Indiana as part of their Netflix deal, but they’re not too busy for more Stranger Things. After reports began to circulate that the EPs would hand over control for the third season of the show, Netflix quickly moved to quash those rumors in GIF form.


On Tuesday, Moviefone cited sources that claimed Matt and Ross Duffer would contribute scripts to Stranger Things 4—which we must note hasn’t officially been ordered yet—but would otherwise step back from the day to day for Stranger Things 3. Naturally, this dismayed a lot of viewers, but as Netflix has clearly stated, the Duffer brothers aren’t going anywhere. So there’s no need to don some heavy eyeliner and an oversized blazer to signify your mourning. Unless, of course, you’re already wearing said eyeliner and blazer—in which case, all we have to say is “bitchin’.”

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