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Ride Along

Hoping to capitalize on the suddenly hot-again trend of comically mismatched buddies, here’s the trailer for Ride Along, a film in which those buddies are once again cops of comically mismatched size and sensibility, as stipulated by departmental regulation. As a tough-talking Atlanta detective, Ice Cube will swarm on any motherfucker in a blue uniform, then assess their aptitude for wearing it—motherfuckers like Kevin Hart, a high school security guard with aspirations to become both Cube’s partner and his brother-in-law. To get there, Cube forces Hart through his very own training day, one that likely doesn’t involve being forced to smoke PCP and getting in deep with the Russian mob, but does involve a lot of getting knocked around like a tiny little Kevin Hart-sized man. “Fuck the police—the humor police,” this film’s tagline should read, because it's outrageous.


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