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Ridley Scott renames Prometheus 2 again, now it’s Alien: Covenant

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ridley Scott is planning to make as many sequels to Prometheus as he possibly can, and unlike with the Alien movies, he’s hoping to maintain control of the series by directing all of them himself (which is probably why Neill Blomkamp’s Alien movie is kind of dead). Apparently, though, Scott’s plan to keep other people from directing Alien/Prometheus movies extends beyond simply not letting them, he’s also trying to make the movies hard to find by constantly changing their names. That way, if anybody sneaks up on him and tries to grab Prometheus 2, they won’t actually know what they’re looking for.

In other words, Scott has apparently changed the name of his Prometheus sequel again. Originally, people were just referring to it as Prometheus 2 (or maybe Prometheuses, following the naming convention of the Alien movies). Then, in September, Scott officially titled it Alien: Paradise Lost, because—as we’re learning in this Newswire—he likes it when things are confusing. But now, while speaking with Indiewire, Scott referred to the film as Alien: Covenant, which is a different name than the one he gave in September. Is he just an old man who got confused? Maybe, but we’ll take his word for it and assume the name of his movie is now a reference to the Halo games (which feature an alien army known as The Covenant) instead of a reference to the work of John Milton.


As for how Alien: Covenant will connect to Halo remains to be seen, but maybe the film’s story will only make sense if you buy all of the tie-in novels, action figures, and board games, and then half of the movie will be spent dealing with horrible fungus monsters instead of the cool aliens that everybody likes. That won’t be so much different from Prometheus anyway.