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Robert Schwartzman directs his famous family in the Dreamland trailer

It looks another member of the extended Coppola family is now entering the family business. As a musician and the lead singer of the band Rooney, Robert Coppola Schwartzman wasn’t quite the black sheep of the family, as musicianship has always been a part of the Coppola’s collective identity. But filmmaking is the rock upon which they built their church, and now Schwartzman—nephew of Francis, and cousin of Sofia and Roman—is doing his part to further the family legacy.


Schwartzman makes his directorial debut with Dreamland; co-written with novelist Benjamin Font, it tells a story that is probably rather close to his heart, about music, success, and self-identity. Johnny Simmons (The Perks of Being A Wallflower) plays a young, struggling pianist with a dream of opening his own venue. Along the way, he gets sidetracked by a regular gig in a fancy hotel bar and a relationship with an attractive, older, monied woman played by Amy Landecker (Transparent). Of course, there’s lots of room for smaller parts to be filled in by willing family members, such as his brother Jason Schwartzman (The Overnight) and his mother Talia Shire (The Godfather).

Dreamland will debut in theaters and be available via VOD on November 11.