Roberto Orci jumps spaceship, won’t direct Star Trek 3 after all

Perhaps recognizing that he’s never really directed anything, let alone part of a huge franchise that’s known for setting off cranky Internet people who hate things that are new, Roberto Orci has reportedly stepped down from directing Star Trek 3which he was attached to back in May. Maybe he got cold feet after he realized that he couldn’t possibly live up to the pointless secrecy and terrible title of J.J. Abrams’ last Star Trek movie, or maybe he couldn’t face working on a big project like that without the help of his Best Buddy, Alex Kurtzman—who has since moved on to manage some of Sony’s Spider-Man movies by himself. Whatever the reason, Deadline says he has jumped off of the spinning director’s chair on the bridge of the USS Star Trek 3 and will be settling for a producer’s chair instead. Do producers get chairs? They must, right?

As for who will take his place, Deadline says Edgar Wright is on the short list for new directors. While that’s certainly an exciting rumor, it seems a bit too exciting to actually be possible. Wright is known for a very specific directing style, with lots of flashy cuts and clever visuals, and that doesn’t seem like it would match up with the “Star Wars but not Star Wars” tone that Abrams established in the first two movies. Assuming Wright doesn’t get the job, maybe Peyton Reed can take over for him? He has some experience doing that sort of thing. (Ant-Man burn!)

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