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Showtime's The Circus will continue on without co-host Mark Halperin

(Photo: Showtime)

In October, after multiple women accused Game Change author Mark Halperin of sexual harassment while he was the political director at ABC News, he was fired from a then-current position at MSNBC. HBO also scrapped plans to make a miniseries with Halperin about the 2016 presidential election, and Showtime suggested that its political documentary series The Circus—which Halperin co-hosted—would either not continue at all or that it would continue without Halperin. Now, the premium cable network has announced that it is indeed bringing The Circus back for a third season, with CBS News’ Alex Wagner joining John Heilemann and Mark McKinnon as a new permanent host.

A press release says the new season will “take its cue from the narratives driving the national conversation,” which is pretty vague, but it also notes that it will primarily concern “the run-up to the most consequential mid-term elections in our lifetimes.” It’ll premiere on April 15.


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