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Sicario 2's Stefano Sollima respawns into the Call Of Duty movie

(Photo: Getty Images for Campari, Stefania M. D’Alessandro)

According to Variety, Sicario 2 director Stefano Sollima is currently customizing his loadout, checking his weapon attachments, and talking about strategies with his squad as he prepares to take over the Call Of Duty movie. Sollima is reportedly “in negotiations” with Activision Blizzard about directing the video game adaptation, which was first teased back in 2015 when the enormous video game developer launched its own movie studio specifically for future Call Of Duty and Warcraft films. If Sollima does take the gig and starts formally camping the proverbial respawn, Activision will then have to start looking for a writer and—somewhat more importantly—a distributor.

Variety says the movie won’t be based on any existing plots from the games, so it’ll be interesting to see how Call Of Duty avoids being just a straightforward war movie with a familiar name attached. That being said, even a direct adaptation of one of the games wouldn’t look much different from an action movie, so maybe the familiar name will do a lot of the heavy lifting anyway. Thankfully, the Sicario 2 trailer already happens to look like a pretty cool Call Of Duty game, so at least Sollima should be able to avoid turning this into the sort of dopey, bro-tastic Call Of Duty movie that someone like Michael Bay would make.


Above all, though, we’re curious to see how the Call Of Duty movie will handle the all-important multiplayer component of the games. Will there be a totally separate movie that uses the same weapons and setting as the main story but replaces the main characters with screaming children? Or will the movie be the same but you have to wear a headset and listen to screaming children tell you how much you suck as the normal action plays out on the screen? The screaming children will have to come into play somehow, and we just hope Sollima—or whoever ends up directing this—manages to keep the experience authentic.

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