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Snow White And The Huntsman

We’ve been tracking the development of various competing Snow White projects for so long that it’s easy to forget they are actual films, rather than just spiteful rivals in the rush to franchise a public domain property. As proof, here’s genuine footage of a new, real Snow White movie—specifically, the one with Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, and Chris Hemsworth, as opposed to Tarsem Singh’s recently titled Mirror Mirror with Julia Roberts. While Mirror Mirror successfully one-upped Huntsman by moving its release date to March, a good three months before the competition, it’s Huntsman that the world will meet first thanks to this just-released trailer. So there. Playing up the saturated-color action sequences, the preview is actually pretty heavy on Huntsman and light on Snow White, as Stewart mostly just pouts at things, instead of pouting at things while saying stuff. But really, it’s all about Theron playing a delightfully Evil Queen who’s understandably upset at her T-1000 magic mirror’s suggestion that she will one day be usurped by Stewart, so she screeches a lot and occasionally transforms herself into birds. Julia Roberts will have to work pretty hard to top that.

UPDATE: Universal is certainly working overtime to block these. Go to Apple to watch it if the above video isn't working.

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