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Someone stole a bunch of gear from Jawbreaker, including digitized master tapes

(Photo: Riot Fest)

For a long time, the only thing standing in the way of a Jawbreaker reunion was the band itself (okay, maybe some other stuff had happened in the 21 years between their split and their string of shows in 2017). But after a triumphant set at last year’s Riot Fest in Chicago, the reformed group announced a handful of shows, which was an encouraging sign for fans hoping for a full-fledged tour. Unfortunately, there’s been another setback—apparently, some jagoff(s) stole a bunch of the band’s gear from a storage unit.

Jawbreaker posted a list of the stolen equipment, including the external hard drives that have the band’s master tapes.


Ordinarily, we might try to pun on the band being accident prone, but this just sucks.

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