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Someone stole one of the final Breaking Bad scripts from Bryan Cranston

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Reinforcing the show’s theme that crime never pays, except in getting you cool shit, a thief in Albuquerque absconded with one of the final eight Breaking Bad scripts after he broke into Bryan Cranston’s car. The crime—which didn’t require any elaborate plan involving chemistry or magnets, just the non-TV-worthy scheme of breaking a window—saw a man named Xavier McAfee allegedly take Cranston’s bag, complete with iPad and script. McAfee was arrested after someone overheard him in a local bar bragging about his haul, then contacted one of Cranston’s assistants, with McAfee undone by his own hubris in an appropriately Breaking Bad-worthy twist (save for the fact that it doesn't look like anyone’s going to die here). So far the stolen script hasn’t been recovered, leaving open the possibility that information from it could still leak onto the Internet and potentially spoil the end for everyone. As a precaution, the show should just continue; it’s really the only way to send a message to America’s car thieves. [KOAT via TMZ]