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Spoon announces new album, returns with single "The Hardest Cut"

Lucifer On The Sofa will be the band's first album in five years

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Photo: Oliver Halfin

Austin’s crown jewel, Spoon, has returned with their tenth album Lucifer On The Sofa. Ahead of the album’s release the group has shared the single “The Hardest Cut” with an off-kilter house party music video.

According to the band’s press release, frontman Britt Daniel “spent a lot of 2018 and 2019 listening to ZZ Top,” and says Lucifer On The Sofa is best described as “the sound of classic rock as written by a guy who never did get Eric Clapton.”

As Spoon’s time creating consistently fresh rock music crosses the 25-year mark, they’ve returned with an evolution of their sound heard on Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga and Girls Can Tell. While their most previous work, 2017's Hot Thoughts, took on a more polished listen, “The Hardest Cut” runs hot and loose. Daniel co-wrote the track with longtime band member Alex Fischel, with a harsher sound since 2010's Transference.


Lucifer On The Sofa is a co-production between by Spoon and Mark Rankin, whose previous work includes Adele, Harry Styles, Weezer, Iggy Pop, and Queens Of The Stone Age. Lucifer On The Sofa features contributions from Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips) and Justin Raisen (Angel Olsen’s My Woman, Yves Tumor’s Heaven To A Tortured Mind).

Texas-made, it is the first set of songs that the quintet has put to tape in its hometown of Austin in more than a decade. Daniel and Fischel return alongside founding member Jim Eno, Gerardo Larios, and Ben Trokan. After 13 years with the band, bassist Rob Pope departed in 2019.


Here’s the full tracklist for Lucifer On The Sofa:

  • “Held”
  • “The Hardest Cut”
  • “The Devil & Mister Jones”
  • “Wild”
  • “My Babe”
  • “Feels Alright”
  • “On The Radio”
  • “Astral Jacket”
  • “Satellite”
  • “Lucifer On The Sofa”

Lucifer on the Sofa will be released on February 11, 2022 via Matador Records.