Welcome to The Hater's new feature, Spot The Differences, in which we compare a movie and its supposed remake side-by-side, Highlights magazine style. In today's installment: the 1988 Melanie Griffith vehicle Working Girl vs. the upcoming Jessica Simpson jalopy Blonde Ambition, a movie so bad that even Joe Simpson, the man who released Jessica, Ashlee, their respective MTV reality shows, and Employee Of The Month into the world, is having reservations about its release.
According to All Movie Guide, Blonde Ambition is only a "loose remake" of Working Girl, but just how loose? Below you'll find trailers for both movies. Let's Spot The Differences!
Working Girl:

Blonde Ambition: [youtube:yQfQmn-o4ks]
And now for the differences spotted. The Working Girl trailer does NOT contain the following: —Willie Nelson —Every single joke that's in the actual movie. —Burping as a plot point. —Andy Dick —"A Public Affair" on the soundtrack. —An undeniable sense of dread brought on by the fact that Jessica Simpson is trying to re-position herself as a comedic actress when she can neither act nor be intentionally funny. —Many, many zany costumes. ("Maybe if we dress her up like a German bar maiden, it'll be funny? What about a cowgirl?") —A feeling of intense nausea, similar to the nausea experienced when one tastes edible perfume.
Basically, the Blonde Ambition trailer is as effective as Ipecac in inducing vomiting, or disgust. The same can't be said of the Working Girl trailer.