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Confirmed anglophile Stanley Tucci says British actors are more "studious"

Tucci, promoting Steven Moffat's BBC series Inside Man, is a fan of all things English (including Sherlock)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Stanley Tucci says British actors are more studious
Stanley Tucci
Photo: Dave J Hogan (Getty Images)

Between bouts of the method acting battle, shall we debate English vs. American actors? It’s a small pool relative to the wide world of performers out there, but they’re certainly the ones that dominate Hollywood. And Stanley Tucci, an American actor living overseas, has just weighed in on the topic, so we might as well get into it. C’mon, it’s Stanley Tucci, wouldn’t you follow him down any conversational rabbit hole?

The actor did a wide-ranging interview with The Guardian in which he came out as a Steven Moffat enjoyer (“I adored Sherlock”) and a certified anglophile. Asked if there was something “special” that British actors bring to the table, he observes, “They’re very studious, more so than some American actors, and they just get on with it. They’re also very respectful of the script. I tend to stray more from it. You often have to play around with it to sound naturalistic.”


Tucci, who elsewhere recalls nearly killing an intruder for his late wife and joked about killing his current one (it’s all in good fun!), is teeing up Moffat’s BBC miniseries Inside Man, in which he plays a convicted murderer. Besides working with distinguished Scottish actor David Tennant, one of the perks of the show was that “it was filmed 40 minutes from my house,” Tucci says. (Stars: they’re just like us.)

“I’m completely in love with it here and can’t imagine living any other place,” the New York native reflects on living in the U.K. “Even the weather doesn’t bother me that much. Britain isn’t without its faults, we know that. Many of its main issues have been self-inflicted of late, like Brexit. There’s also the very limited upper-crust pool from which British leaders are chosen. But on the whole it’s a pretty high-functioning country.” Anglophile… Sherlock lover… David Tennant fan… Stanley Tucci would fit right in on 2012 Tumblr!