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Steve Bannon will be on 60 Minutes, so that's pretty cool

(Photo: Getty Images, Mark Wilson)

It was mildly exciting when rotting frog person Steve Bannon got fired from Trump’s White House, if only because it seemed less likely that he could use his influential position to summon the ghosts of dead presidents for his twisted schemes, but Bannon never really went away. He rejoined his evil cabal at Breitbart, he popped up on a fidget spinner, and decided to see if a juice cleanse could rinse the darkness from his soul. Next, he’ll be descending upon 60 Minutes, for what will surely be a nauseating interview with Charlie Rose.

The chat is being billed as Bannon’s “first TV interview,” which is surprising because he seems like such a charming guy, and it’s also going to be his first “extended” interview since “exiting” the White House. We don’t know what Bannon will talk to Rose about, but he’ll probably discuss the virtues of racism, misogyny, and sleeping in a bucket of slime.


[via Deadline]

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