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Super Bowl ad for John Krasinski's Jack Ryan series feels like it's from a different era

On paper, John Krasinski starring in a TV show about Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan character for Amazon doesn’t sound like it would be particularly dated, as people will always have a taste for both Jim from The Office and dramatic CIA action, but this trailer for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan feels oddly like something from a different time period—like, say, 2015 or early 2016. It’s not that Jack Ryan seems to be overtly about Obama-era policies or concerns, but when a TV show trailer features voiceovers from U.S. presidents talking about freedom and terrorism, it’s hard not to imagine what this would be like with some comments from President Shithole thrown in.


This Deadline story doesn’t say if Jack Ryan takes place in 2015, but a TV show about a dedicated CIA operative trying to conduct poorly planned missions ordered by a racist maniac would probably be a lot less entertaining than Amazon is hoping this will be. Anyway, the show will premiere on August 31, and you’ll be able to see this clip again when it airs during the Super Bowl.

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