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Supermarket Sweep is coming back, baby

(Photo: ABC Photo Archive/Getty Images)

Tapping into the nostalgic memory of shoppers everywhere—and possibly serving as a stealth training course for a future where quickly scavenging from the shelves of ransacked grocery stores is a survival skill, and not just game show fantasy—it sounds like Supermarket Sweep is finally coming back. Fremantle Media announced today that it was reviving the beloved game show, which challenged contestants on their knowledge of consumer product pricing and supermarket layouts.

Originally broadcast on ABC back in the ’60s, Supermarket Sweep picked up a second life on Lifetime (and later PAX) in the early ’90s, where host David Ruprecht presided over teams of sweater-clad competitors, all vying for a chance to rush through a simulated supermarket, grabbing giant inflatable mascots, filling up on meat, and running right past the non-prescription medicines, even though they’re worth so much, and they’re RIGHT THERE DEBRA COME ON TURN AROUND AND GRAB THE DAMN—


Whoo! Sorry about that, just childhood flashbacks kicking in. Anyway, Supermarket Sweep is coming back; get your obscure pricing knowledge and running shoes ready.

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