Formerly, formally known as Are We Officially Dating?—and informally known as Zac Efron At Play Among The Dildos—here is the red-band trailer for That Awkward Moment, which refers to both “that awkward moment” when you’re not sure if you’re in a relationship, and that awkward moment when you adopt social media-speak as the title of a movie. Of course, it could also be that awkward moment where Zac Efron shows up with that aforementioned dildo, preceded by that awkward moment where Efron and Miles Teller lie naked across toilets, or the many awkward moments in which Michael B. Jordan, whose career has been building toward an envious respectability thus far, has to trade quips about farts and “boner pills” with his movie bros. That Awkward Moment arrives on January 31. (That awkward moment where you realize a movie is being relegated to a seasonal dumping ground.)