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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

That's My Boy

Generally Adam Sandler prefers to stick to PG-13 comedies that the whole family can pay for, and avoid excluding the demographic most attuned to the comedic potential of a guy getting nailed right in the nads. But as his recent confessional at the Oscars will attest, each new Adam Sandler film brings us closer and closer to “the truth”—and as the new, NSFW, red-band trailer for the R-rated That’s My Boy demonstrates, nothing cuts a quicker path to the raw, beating human heart than saying “fuck” a whole lot. In this very edgy, truthful fucking film, Sandler scalps his Jack And Jill co-star Al Pacino and dons his hair to play a fucking deadbeat dad whose troubles with the fucking IRS lead him to seek out the well-to-do, logistically confusing adult son he abandoned (Andy Samberg), who’s suddenly become very fucking rich and still harbors some deep fucking resentment, the fuck.

Unfortunately, said son is about to get married to the very high-maintenance girl of his dreams (Leighton Meester), so Sandler’s arrival—and the ensuing string of strip club misadventures, some involving Vanilla Ice—comically complicates their relationship, even as Sandler and Samberg drink and puke their way toward reconciliation. It's all a lot raunchier than Sandler has allowed himself to be lately, but when you’ve been branded as the worst actor in the industry for your attempts to play it safe, sometimes you just have to repeatedly say “fuck it”—where “it” is a wedding dress that you also just puked on.

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