Last year, Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring got plenty of early publicity when it very nearly destroyed the actual “Bling Ring” case, after Coppola hired both LAPD detective Brett Goodkin and high-profile “Bling Ring” member (and Pretty Wild star) Alexis Neiers as “consultants” on their own story. Fortunately for Coppola—and for the LAPD—all of the prosecutions ended in plea deals, so now we can just relax and enjoy the true-life tale of a bunch of fame-hungry teens robbing Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, without feeling the slightest bit bad about any of it. That’s certainly the tone of this buzzy teaser, which uses the kids-gone-bad staple of Sleigh Bells to drive scenes of Emma Watson and her Oversized Sunglasses Posse slow-motion partying in the club, then hitting up Hilton’s-face-adorned walk-in closets to “go shopping.” Presumably a full trailer will flesh out the aftermath as they’re inevitably taken down, but right now it’s all about the thrill of stealing from the rich to feed the rich.