The first Creep, in which Mark Duplass plays a deceptively friendly guy who ends up (spoiler) revealing murderous intent, was almost as much thought experiment as movie, an interesting yet slight attempt to do something more psychological and character-based with the found-footage genre. Guess what it looks like Creep 2 is up to?

Honestly, this trailer makes the whole thing look like it could go either way. On its surface, it seems to hit the same beats as the first one, albeit from a slightly different premise. Here, video artist Sara (Desiree Akhavan) tracks down unusual Craigslist posters to explore their idiosyncratic desires. Inevitably, she ends up in the home of Duplass’ disturbed killer, who invites her to follow him for the day—only, unlike last time, this time he’s apparently upfront about the fact that he’s killed people. (The trailer doesn’t exactly reveal that, but the description accompanying it does.) It seems fair to assume this will not go well.


Original director Patrick Brice has returned to shoot the sequel as well, now remaining firmly behind the camera (well, behind it without also being in the film, just to be clear). Given that his character was one of the weaker parts of the original, if Creep 2 actually manages to do something different with its story, it might be able to surpass the original. Here’s hoping.

 Creep 2 will be released October 24 across all digital platforms.