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The Deadwood movie might start production next year

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Albert L. Ortega)

The making of the highly anticipated and long-in-the-works Deadwood movie is continuing to move at a glacial pace, but that’s at least better than no movement at all. In July, we reported that original series creator David Milch has turned in a “terrific” script to HBO, but actually making the movie was still going to depend on getting the necessary money and clearing the necessary people’s schedules. Now, in a what amounts to a relatively huge step forward for the project, TVLine says its sources have confirmed that the Deadwood movie is looking to start production in fall of 2018.

That’s still pretty far off even if it’s accurate, because it means the movie itself wouldn’t be released for some time after that, but the bigger wrinkle here is that HBO hasn’t even given the movie—as TVLine puts it—a “formal green light.” In other words, even after all of this, there’s still a chance that HBO won’t want to make the Deadwood movie.


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