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The First Purge teaser is a chilling recruitment ad

For the fourth installment in his Purge series, James DeMonaco plans to explore just how the fictional New Founding Fathers got everyone in this country to agree to an annual 12-hour killing spree. The first teaser for The First Purge plays on nationalist pride with a slide show of smiling Americans, who will soon display total disregard for each other’s lives while purging.

There are no Russians in Betsy Ross and Uncle Sam costumes; no creepy legacy admissions threatening to storm Ethan Hawke’s home. But the brief teaser is still unsettling, as the voiceover confidently predicts that one day, a new generation of bloodthirsty (but “only for one night”) citizens will eagerly arm themselves to “make America great.”


Directed by Gerard McMurray, The First Purge hits theaters July 4.

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