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The hottest stream on Twitch is a German man shredding three recorder flutes at once

What’s the hottest game on Twitch? Is it an eSport like Overwatch or League Of Legends? Try again. Is it Drake and Travis Scott playing Fortnite with superstar streamer Ninja? That was last week, pal. Is it an Austrian man dressed like he’s at a renaissance faire playing three recorders at once? You bet your ass it is.

This is Twitch user KawauTV, and Twitch viewers simply cannot get enough of this man’s triple-recorder jams, with a clip from last week’s broadcast reaching more than half a million views.


Out: headshots. In: a shot of this man’s head, while he plays three recorders.

Perhaps you think this is stupid. Maybe you think that Greensleeves-style recorder music is impossibly annoying. But consider this: How many cellos does Yo-Yo Ma play at a time? Just one. How many trumpets does Wynton Marsalis play at a time? One measly trumpet. Charlie Parker? Impossible to find a photo of him playing even two saxophones at a time. Pathetic.

This man plays three recorders. That’s a full two more instruments than any of those frauds. The math is simple: it’s three times as many instruments, and therefore it’s three times better.

But you can’t expect a man of KawauTV’s talents to be limited to the recorder, regardless of how many he plays at a time (three). KawauTV also plays the lute (sometimes while playing a recorder, but just one), and here he is just absolutely fucking wailing on a big horn:

If you can’t get enough of KawauTV, don’t worry. He streams regularly, sometimes for more than four hours to give you that authentic “stuck in an RPG tavern trying to figure out how to trigger the next quest” feel. The future of video games has arrived, and it is this German-speaking man playing three recorders.

Contributor, The A.V. Club.