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The kids are getting way more pissed in Jimmy Kimmel’s annual post-Halloween prank

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Halloween is now in the rear-view mirror, which means it’s time to move on to other holiday pursuits like crossing certain relatives off your Thanksgiving dinner guest list, your local radio station kicking into 24-hour Christmas music, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! getting parents to prank their kids. Not to be confused with Kimmel’s YouTube prank in which he gets parents to give their offspring terrible Christmas presents (like an onion) is his popular YouTube segment, “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy.”

It’s the ninth year of this cruel pranking of children, and honestly, the kids are getting much more intolerant. One calls her parent a “dummy stupid man,” one throws the empty plastic pumpkin right back at their dad in an apparently sensitive area, while another—when informed that this was all Jimmy Kimmel’s idea—announces plans to “punch him in the wiener.” Your ability to enjoy the five-minute video depends on how entertained you are by crying children—although, c’mon kids, it’s just candy, and you’ve probably already had a ton of it (one hilariously calls out his mom while he still has a mouthful of candy, and has to stop to chew it). But at least there are a few generous angels who tell their parents it’s okay, with one opining after his mom says how sorry she is, “I love you more than candy”—about the highest possible parental praise imaginable.