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The Letter For The King promises an all-important postal journey in new Netflix trailer

The title of new Netflix series The Letter For The King may sound simplistic, but the upcoming six-episode saga is really all about that letter for that king. As today’s trailer reveals, the all-important missive is put in the charge of young knight-in-training Tiuri (Amir Wilson), who is told that “the future of the entire kingdom depends” on the message reaching “the most powerful man in the world.” There’s “a ruthless prince who threatens to cast the world into darkness,” says Netflix, placing Tiuri at “the center of a magical prophecy foretelling the rise of a hero who can defeat the prince and restore peace.” The communications-based saga is based on the 1962 Dutch novel De Brief Voor De Koning by Tonke Dragt.


Unsurprisingly, Tiuri enlists some pals to insist him on his crucial journey, which according to the trailer will also include some magic, a little romance, and lots of sword battles against the picturesque backdrops of the Czech Republic and New Zealand. As Tuiri enthuses, “We’re going to deliver this letter or we’re going to die trying.” Find out which way the journey ends up (we have sneaking suspicions) when Netflix delivers the new series on March 20.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.