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The live-action Star Wars show is apparently back on

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

If the promise of a brand new Star Wars trilogy from The Last Jedi director and Porg creator Rian Johnson wasn’t enough good nerd news, Variety is reporting Disney has also just announced that it’s planning to launch a live-action Star Wars TV show on its new streaming service—the one that it pulled movies from Netflix for. Disney hasn’t said anything about the subject matter of this show, but for all we know it could end up being a resurrected version of the “Deadwood in Space”/”The Godfather in spaceStar Wars show that was in the works prior to George Lucas selling Lucasfilm to Disney. Of course, gritty crime dramas set in the Star Wars universe haven’t had much luck lately, so maybe Lucasfilm should stay away from that for now.

Other than Star Wars, this streaming service will reportedly also be home to TV shows based on Monsters Inc., High School Musical, and a new Marvel series. The service is expected to launch by the end of 2019, so even if the Star Wars show is available right away, it’ll still be pretty far off.


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